Earth Friendly, Non-toxic Cleaning


If you stop for a moment next time you clean your home, take the time to read the labels of your favorite household cleaners. Most of the household cleaners marketed to the public can be harmful to children, those with health problems, the elderly, family pets or even to those who are perfectly healthy. It may be hard for you to toss out your favorite household cleaners; after all you have been dependent on them for years. Once you find the wonder of White Vinegar you will not understand why you ever paid the price for these products that may have been putting your family’s health at risk.

White Vinegar is the perfect solution to all of your cleaning needs. Vinegar could be used to clean your bathroom, your kitchen, your floors, and your laundry, get rid of pet odors and will even to kill insects or weeds. It is also able to kill most mold, bacteria, and other household germs. Vinegar is non-toxic to animals and humans. Although vinegar does have an odor, it will dissipate within a few minutes leaving your home sparkling clean and most importantly, your family safe. If you add 1 cup per gallon of water, that solution will work perfectly for most of your household cleaning needs. Need something to substitute for your cleanser? Add one part salt to four parts vinegar. If you have a more difficult job like removing hard water or scrubbing tile grout the job may call for straight vinegar.

The price is low; a full gallon of vinegar will likely cost about the same or even less than just one of your regular household cleaners but will typically last for several months. So if you are looking for a way to keep your family healthy, save some money and have clean home, white vinegar is the solution for you!

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