The Beauty of Olive Oil

It is amazing how many people run to the drug store, department store make-up counter or local convenience store because they are out of their favorite beauty product. People are easily influenced by advertisements showing youthful, beautiful and often very air brushed photos of flawless looking women. It’s no wonder why so many people are willing to spend so much of their hard earned money and put unknown chemicals on their bodies without even taking a glance to see what the contents are. Americans spend over 7 billion dollars per year on beauty products when the same or better results can often times be found in non-chemical natural ingredients.

Sure, many of us enjoy cooking with olive oil or dipping our french bread in this cholesterol free butter substitute, but how many use Olive oil for health and beauty? There are many uses of Olive oil including:

1- putting a small amount in your bath to soften your skin rather than using expensive bath oils

2- using it for the ultra smooth close shave

3- controlling hair frizz by rubbing a small amount on hands then rubbing it over your hair

4- using it as a skin conditioning make-up remover

5- using it as you would lotion

6- to treat or prevent chapped lips

7- as a massage oil

8- as tanning lotion, it is said to actually protect your skin from UV rays

9- as a deep conditioner by rubbing warm olive oil through hair, leaving on for 15-30 minutes

10- as a night cream to prevent or even reduce the appearance of wrinkles

There are many things you could use olive oil for, there are uses for it in cleaning, health and beauty. By using olive oil you could save money, prevent the use of chemicals on your body and limit the dependance on over marketed store bought beauty products, cleaning products and even health products. So give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised that it works even better than your store bought favorites.

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